In an episode of Seinfeld, he was boy who dwelled inside a bubble due to a rare disease. It wasn't really a bubble, it was more of a plastic partition. He was nearly killed in an altercation with George Costanza.

The "bubble boy" was a Trivial Pursuit pro, extremely obnoxious, and had a lot of time on his hands. He would have made an excellent E2 noder.

A journey of 2,755.8 miles begins with a single bounce.

Bubble Boy is a 2001 motion picture from Disney. It chronicles the adventures of Jimmy Livingston, a man who with no immune system and can only get around by using a bubble suit with arm and leg attatchments. He is on a quest to find the girl he loves and stop her from getting married to another man.
To approximate Daily Show host Jon Stewart's response:
'So, it's a comedy about a guy who was born without an immune system? That sounds... er, like it would be more sad than funny.'

The film is directed by first-timer Blair Hayes and was written by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, and Michael Kalesniko. Bubble Boy was produced by Beau Flynn and Eric McLeod.

The movie has taken some flak for implying that everybody with a medical condition similar to Jimmy's is a bubble boy and acts like a six year old. The Immune Deficiency Foundation is calling for a boycott of the movie. Many people, especially the families of people who suffer from immune deficiency, are very upset that Disney is making a profit by being glib about this illness.

Bubble Boy is rated PG-13 for language and crude, sexual, humor.

The main cast, according to, is this:

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