Okay! Fine! I admit it! I am one of these kind of people - I just don't have any self-control. Here's how it inevitably happens:

I can feel it staring at me. A shiny new Dilbert calendar. Yes, it's only January 26th, a full 339 days left in the year. But it, the evil Dilbert calendar, is whispering to me, "Read ahead in me just a few days..." I can feel my body being drawn towards its wonderful Dogberty goodness. My brain screams out, "No! You must stop yourself! There is only a limited amount of fun available each year, don't waste it now! Stop!" Ignoring it, I slowly reach towards the calendar, my hands shaking. Suddenly, I reach out and snatch it! "Mine! All Mine," I cackle madly. Timidly, I peel forward a day.

"Hehe," I laugh. "That was a good one - I wonder what the 28th will be like?"

The next thing you know, I've progressed to the middle of April. I then realize my foolish mistake - I have wasted 4 months of fun in a single day!

"What was I thinking?" I weep to myself. If I could only figure out a way to keep those temptatious voices out of my mind. Argh!

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