This is one that I feel a little bit embarassed to admit to since it kind of strikes at the heart of my upbringing I guess.

I currently stay in a residence, which is like a hotel but for more permanent guests. You take rooms on here for a few months at a time. The room is more like a mini-apartment with separate bedroom and kitchen. It means you can live as you want instead of having to eat out all the time and it costs less than a normal hotel for a few reasons. One of the main ones is of course the length of stay, the other is that they only send the maid round once a week.

My problem is that I'm a pretty messy person and by the time Friday comes around I've gotten knee deep in chocolate wrappers, dropped clothes and assorted bits of computer.

I think any normal person would probably leave it all for the maid to clean up, it's what she is paid for after all, as so many people have told me. I can't. I tidy everything up, put all the dishes in the dish-washer, empty the rubbish, fold my clothes and put them in the wardrobe. I even go to the length of making the bed, even though I know the maid will have to change all the sheets anyway.

I think the problem arises from being on holiday with my mother when I was young. If we were in a hotel she would always insist it was clean for the maid arriving. The phrase she often repeated was "You don't want people to think THAT of you".

To this day I have no clear concept of what exactly THAT is, I just know I don't want it thought of me. So I clean.

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