"Tribe 8" is a roleplaying game set in a tribal future where Player Characters are blessed with mystical insight and marked by destiny. They must struggle to build a new society from the ashes of the old, fighting against alien horrors, and avatars of the goddess.

It is both produced and published by the Montréal based Dream Pod 9. Interestingly, the gaming world takes place on an island with the same geography, and locations of relative landmarks, as Montréal city itself.

The premise, in further detail, is that the world was being taken over in numerous small ways by demons well-disguised as humans. However, when the facets of the goddess (of that world) shut the portal between worlds, the demons went mad and enslaved humanity in "typical" demon ways - raping, castles of bone, charred bodies everywhere...

The goddess awakes, and grants her seven "fragmented personalities" humanity, and they walk the land as avatars, with human followers gaining power from them. Those who have become exiled from the societies of the avatars (the Player Characters) are known as the Fallen, and form the Eighth Tribe (thus the name of the game).

Tribe 8 is also the name of a dyke punk rock band from San Francisco, California. They got their name from "tribadism" because it sounded similar. One of the members, Lynn Breedlove,said "We're just punk-rockers like everyone else except we got tits."

They used to be on the Out-Punk record label, but are now signed with Alternative Tentacles.

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