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A science-fiction, or rather, logical fantasy novel by John Wyndham. First published 1960, now published by Penguin under ISBN 0-140-01986-3.

The book chronicles the history of a scientific development with an immediate and radical impact on humanity as a whole. A biochemist discovers the means to prolong life expectancy by up to two hundred years... and then all kinds of strange things happen.

The book is notable for coining the word antigerone to describe a substance to prevent aging, as a corollary to antibiotic and the like. Other than that, I wasn't too impressed with this one - no offence, Mr Wyndham - particularly the way it turns into a sickening display of feminism towards the end. That said, I think John Wyndham is to be congratulated for predating the bra-burning 1960s era of Women's Lib by a year or two.

Trouble With Lichen demonstrates how some people can be afraid of Science, and how these short-sighted idiots^H^H^H^H^H^H people can threaten to ruin life for everyone. Hence it can be seen as something of an allegory for current topics such as genetic engineering, GM Foods, animal transplants and so on.

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