I attended a few years of my high school at Berlin American High School. A truly unique experience, time spent there created some of the best memories I have. A memory like this right here.......

It was a Friday, like Fridays now, ready to blow the popsicle stand. Last period of the day, I received permission from my trig teacher to help in the computer lab. Essentially, helping in the computer lab meant finding some friends and smoking behind the art building. I was supposed to meet a girl I had taken interest in after school that day. She went to JFK, the international school. I borrowed her Street Fighter 2 SNES game and was supposed to return it. With about 5 minutes remaining in the day, I went to my locker. Walking through the hall I spotted a blonde guy standing about 5'1 holding a pineapple. He asked, "You Todd?" A little shocked I said, "Yeah, who'r you?" He asked me if I was supposed to meet Heather (girl I like who let me borrow the video game). When I said yeah, he asked for the video game. Before I could reply he said,"Trust me, I have a pineapple." Now, for some reason and I don't know why, I did. Twin Peaks was showing on AFN at the time, and it was truly a Log Lady kind of feeling. I gave him the game, and he told me Heather couldn't meet me after school and meet her at JFK park around six.

After he disappeared I worried about the game, but the coincidence and the pineapple assured me. I showed up at the park later, and found Heather chilling with several other friends I knew. The pineapple guy was there too. His name was Lev, and cool at that. We smoked some hash and played some ultimate and soccer. To add to the Twin Peaks stew, Lev had three nipples (he showed me) and size 13 feet (he was 5'1). I don't remember everything from those days, but assurance by possession of fruit will always stick.

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