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"It's no secret that several thousand years ago this planet was "seeded" with life by our ancestors from the sky. It is Tub Ring's goal to bring the Children of the Sky back to their rightful place in the heavens." -- Tub Ring's Mission Statement
  • Kevin Gibson - vocals
  • Rob Kleiner - keyboards
  • Jason Fields - bass
  • Mouse - guitar
  • Mike Gilmore - drums

Tub Ring was formed in 1992, in Boston. They started as a punk outfit, but quickly evolved into an experimental rock group. Their style and focus was concrete by 2001 with the release of Drake Equation, produced by Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle. Afterwards, they toured furiously, playing over 200 shows a year, with prominent acts such as Mindless Self Indulgence, Dog Fashion Disco, and Estradasphere.

Their music bolsters a wide variety of style, ranging from smooth ballads to crunching riffs. They often employ guest musicians to feature brass, wind, and string instruments. Mr. Bungle and Dog Fashion Disco are often grouped with Tub Ring as similar bands. I find that Tub Ring isn't weird for the sake of being weird like Mr. Bungle seems to be and is not so formulaic and one-track-minded like DFD (though I appreciate both these bands as well).

You'll notice a theme in their lyrical focus starting in 2001. The band is quite true to their Mission Statement above (whether they're serious or not). The lyrics cover diverse and geeky topics like set theory, numerology, cold fusion, binary, astronauts, evolution, and Heaven's Gate.

The Discography:


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