The Zoo Hypothesis is a possible explanation for the Fermi Paradox. It proposes that extraterrestrial life forms do exist but purposefully keep themselves unknown to humans in order to not influence their development, similarly to a zoo.

Upholders of the hypothesis suggest that Earth is under constant and close surveyance and that extraterrestrial beings may attempt overt contact at a certain point in human development.

This subject is also a common-found theme in science fiction movies and novels, such as the mice in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the prime directive in Star Trek.

A variation of this theory is that extraterrestrials forgo contact because they want nothing to do with brutish humans.

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Also, an album released by Tub Ring in 2004 on the label Underground Inc. Their fifth album, it contains a seemingly more mature sound of Tub Ring's goofy, geeky, experimental rock.

Lo, the track listing:
  1. Tiny Little
  2. Death of the Robot
  3. The Promise Keeper
  4. Sharpening the Sticks
  5. I Could Never Fall in Love With You
  6. One With My Surroundings
  7. Habitat
  8. The Night Watch
  9. Dog Doesn't Bite
  10. Alexander In Charge
  11. Raindrops
  12. The Viking Song
  13. We Are the Righteous
  14. Return to Me
  15. Wealth of Information
  16. Vehicle

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