A few years ago, a study was done at Harvard. The purpose of the study was to determine how much it would cost to create a human from scratch, if we had the technology. They came up with a figure of $8 billion. Just imagine that. Every one of us is a walking, eating, sleeping and self-reproducing $8 billion machine. The quetion is, how would we take care of something that was worth $8 billion? It is actually not all that complicated. Once we understand how this machine operates and what it's design offers us.

Genetically, we have the potential to live to be 120 years. And not confined to a wheelchair, or in a hospital bed or tied to any kind of life support system. These days, 96% of people die of disease and 4% die of old age. In reality, it should be the other way around; 4% dying of disease and 96% of old age. The cause of this reversal of pattern of mortality and disease is the life style that we have only recently inherited in the history of humankind. Industrial Revolution has become the most formidable adversary of nature and human life.

But, we can still live relatively healthy lives with maximal self-expression, if we adhere to fundamental facts.

Firstly, the design of human life is such that if it is embraced in proper physical and emotional nuturing environments, it can only result in optimal health and a high quality living state.

Secondly, if we provide ourselves with proper nutrition, high quality rest and frequent excercise and play, both physically and emotionally, then life will sustain itself automatically, withstand high degree of stress and insult, and naturally heal itself.

There are basically two states of imbalance; 1) Excess and 2) Deficiency of basic functions and/or biological necessities. An imbalanced state of health consists of excess of certain things in certains systems or regions and deficiency of certain things in other areas and systems of a person. For example, excessive consumption of acidic food will result in diarrhea and insufficient fiber in diet leads to constipation. Thus, the concept of yin and yang in Chinese tradition of healthcare or the concept of the bodily systems getting cold or hot in some middle eastern, Indian or other far eastern traditions.

It is not difficult to stay well and optimally healthy, once balance is restored to the whole being of a person. It is always more difficult to let things go to the extremes and then trying to get well. Pain should not be the gauge for asessing health. Pain often occurs at later stages of a condition; pain is not a sign of the beginning of a condition unless it is due to trauma.


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It only costs about 3 cents to destroy a human. The vitamins and minerals in a human body are worth about $15. To create a human, with our modern technology, from scratch, would require only the cost of living for one woman for 9 months. Harvard obviously has no idea about what appropriate technology is. Hell, you could do it for almost nothing with appropriate nanotech and a big hunk of CHON (and $15 of trace minerals).

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