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What an amusing nodeshell to run across.

This is the school that I am currently enjoying my third year attending. Mainly known as a business school, it is my misfortune to have recently fallen in love the absurd dream of writing for musical theater. If I had actually known that my life would take this direction a few years ago I would have tried to have gone to NYU or some other college with an actual writing program. Alas, I am still here pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Philosophy. Time will tell whether or not this proves to be helpful.

100 Hempstead Turnpike
Hempstead, NY 11549


We Teach Success

Hofstra University is a private university with both undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a law school. Founded in 1935, it was Long Island’s first coeducational university. There are 1,226 faculty members of whom 487 are full time, which includes 14 full-time library faculty. 91 percent of full-time faculty hold the highest degrees in their fields. Full-time undergraduate enrollment approximately 8,000. Total University enrollment including part-time undergraduate, graduate and School of Law is approximately 13,140. The male-female ratio is approximately 46-54 percent. As of January 2002, the current president is Stuart Rabinowitz.

The campus is a registered member of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta with more than 130 buildings on 240 acres. Thirty-seven residence halls accommodate approximately 4,000 students. It is situated both north and south of Hempstead Turnpike, with residential buildings being located on the north side. The two sides of the campus are connected by two “unispans”, covered bridges which cross over the turnpike.

Hofstra’s main focus is providing a firm foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, while also providing many cultural events during the academic year. Most of these events are free or discounted for students. These include conferences, plays and musicals, concerts and seminars. There are multiple theatres of different sizes throughout the campus. There is also a small art gallery.

Hofstra offers both day and evening classes, and accepts full and part-time enrollment. They also have continuing education classes for adults in many subjects as well as fun classes for children.

Things Of Note
-Hofstra is plagued by stray cats, kept there by the faculty that feeds them during the wintertime and will often put out shelters. These are said to be the descendants of the original Mrs. Hofstra’s cats.
-Hofstra spends something around a million dollars per year on tulip bulbs. In the spring, the campus is blanketed in tulips of many varieties. Being caught picking these flowers results in a high fine.
-The campus is a nationally recognized arboretum.
-The mean SAT score of entering freshmen is 1086.
-Recent architectural additions include new chemistry and physical laboratories, the new stadium, a second unispan and a new dormitory building.

Much of this information was gleefully ripped from Hofstra’s website: www.Hofstra.edu.

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