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Tuba Christmas is a tradition, founded by Harvey G. Phillips, that was begun on Sunday, December 22, 1974, when over 300 tuba and euphonium players gathered on the Ice Rink Stage of Rockefeller Center to honor the memory of William J. Bell (born on Christmas Day, 1902), and to celebrate his achievements as a performer and teacher. American composer Alec Wilder (who died on Christmas Eve, 1980) contributed arrangements of several classic christmas carols for tuba and euphonium. Since 1974, it's become a tradition in several cities throughout the world, and is really a nice concert to listen to, if one happens to be playing near you.

(The above was taken, largely, from my own little copy of "Carols for a Merry Tubachristmas" from the Mizzou tubachristmas of 2000.)

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