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"My mom told me when I grew up I could be anything I wanted. So I became an asshole." - Tucker Max

Tucker Max is an "Internet Celebrity" whose main claim to fame is his website, http://www.tuckermax.com. In this website, he chronicles the numerous and varied events of his life. Old stories are available through the link to the Tucker Max stories, while newer stories, advice, and other juicy bits can be found under The Tucker Max Message Board. Tucker has also written two books, entitled Belligerence and Debauchery: The Tucker Max Stories and The Definitive Book of Pickup Lines. As can be derived from the titles, Tucker is best known for his exploits as a drunken asshole; unlike the rest of us, however, Tucker logs the humorous and unlikely stories that come as a result.

Along with his forays into web and print, Tucker also aspires to creating his own television show, which he describes as "a half-hour comedy in the vein of Sex and the City, except with younger guys."

His formal education includes his undergraduate degree at The University of Chicago and his JD at Duke Law School.

Sources: http://www.tuckermax.com

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