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Of the multitude of narrow canyon roads in the Santa Monica Mountains, Tuna Canyon Road is perhaps the most unique. It's an extremely windy road; you're almost guaranteed to skid at least a couple of times if you're driving this road at a decent speed. Due to its secluded location, there is no need to worry about speeding tickets or traffic cops. Indeed, there's very little need to worry about any sort of traffic, as it's only one way; the only one way canyon road in Southern California.

Owing to its narrowness and difficult sharp turns, Tuna Canyon Road has been described as where Satan and his 29 virgins live. People who have driven this road for twenty years still have trouble on it, they swear that the road grows more curves every time they drive it. What makes the road worth it, though, are the few straightaways. These brief stretches of straight road offer a good opportunity to explore the upper reaches of any car's speedometer; any decent car should be able to reach at least eighty on these stretches before the next curve requires a good heavy foot on the brakes. Throw the wireless leash out the window before driving this road, though. The road's difficulty means that any chance of distraction should be limited or eliminated if possible.

The best way to experience Tuna Canyon is in a small, light car, such as an MR2 or a Miata. Larger cars, no matter how big the engine is, will have trouble on this road; Lamborghinis will probably be no better off on this road than Camaros, so leave the muscle car in the garage. It's best to give at least a couple of days for the road to dry off after a rain, as the constant shifting of the canyon will cause debris to fall onto the road. Depending on your level of sanity, the road is a good drive day or night. Daytime driving is extremely fun, with great views of incredibly beautiful scenery, night time driving is great if you enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of not knowing what the next curve the road is going to throw at you.

Reaching the road is somewhat tricky, as there are few signs and indicators for this tiny road. The easiest, and most exciting, way is to take Mulholland Highway to Stunt Road. Turn onto Stunt Road, which is also a great road to drive all out on, and follow it until it tees into Saddle Peak Road. Make a left and follow Saddle Peak Road until shortly after mile marker 3.07. About a tenth of a mile from that marker, Saddle Peak Road will curve left, and Tuna Canyon will be a somewhat sharp right.

All in all, this is a great drive for anyone making a trip to the Los Angeles area. Though it is of limited fun if you're driving a minivan with a family in tow, a small sports car, and nerves of steel will lead to a great time on this road. It'll cause your heart to race and a you'll probably need to catch your breath at the end of it, but also you'll also desire to do it again. Coupled with some of the other roads in the area, it's well worth the drive.

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