The Santa Monica Mountains are the range which extend from Oxnard to above Malibu and end around Griffith Park and Hollywood Hills. The 405 freeway and Sepulveda Bvd pass through this range at Sepulveda Pass These mountains are relatively low-altitude compared to the mountain ranges nearby, but they are extremely steep. Due to all the earthquakes and other geology in the area, these mountains are extremely steep and prone to mudslides. The steep topography also tends to encourage flash floods. The hills are coated in dry chaparral which leaves it rather prone to fires as well. All of these disasters have done damage to malibu in the last few years, when you hear about all the disasters in Los Angeles, many of them happen here. Believe it or not, the area has even had a weak tornado once when a waterspout moved onshore. Luckily, the region is not volcanic and hurricanes are almost unkwown in the Los Angeles area.

despite the apparent danger of the area, the Santa Monica Mountains are actually a good place to spend time hiking, mountain biking, or driving around. For a good drive, try the famous roads in the area like Mulholland Highway or Highway 1. Good places to hike, bike, or wander around include Malibu Canyon State Park, Topanga State Park, and point mugu. famous surfing spots like Zuma Beach are found where the mountains meet the ocean. This is one of the only mountain ranges that bisects a major city in the US.. it's in close driving range of much of LA so if you dont mind company, check it out.

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