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One of the non-central South Park kids, easily as cool and cute as Timmy or Butters. His shirt is always buttoned-up wrong, his hair is a spiky mess and he constantly twitches as if he's a nervous wreck. He probably is, the poor boy. Aaw, bless. :)

His dad ran the South Park coffee shop, Tweek's, before Harbucks came to town and put his store out of business, despite his efforts to keep them away. We could be led to believe that his behaviour is due to the high amount of caffeine he drinks, although his parents say it's just attention deficit disorder and, from what we've seen, he doesn't appear to get much attention from them. His dad now works for Harbucks and his mom? Well. She's just his mom. We don't see much of her.

Although he's called Tweek by the other South Park kids, it is just his surname. We have not been told what his first name is.

tweek's episodes:

217: Gnomes
305: Tweek vs. Craig

(The South Park Metanode)

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