The home of English rugby and the RFU since 1907, and affectionately known as HQ, Twickenham is now a 75,000 seater stadium that has hosted almost every home international since the year dot. As well as the pitch and stands, the stadium has a state of the art medical centre, and is also home the the famous Rose Room and the ERIC Bar

The first incarnation of Twickenham was originally built on a 10.25 acre patch of land twelve miles outside London, which used to be used as a Market Garden, which was purchased by William Williams, ,these two facts giving 'Twickers' its other nickname - Billy Williams Cabbage Patch.

The original stands could accomodate 20,000 people, and bore a striking resembalance to a set of green cow sheds. The first match played at the site was between Richmond and Harlequins in 1909, and the first international between Wales and England swiftly followed a year later.

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