This thought provoking film can't help but make folks wonder about the everyday mundane aspects of "normal life" that the majority of the world takes for granted. The Falls twins, Blake and Francis, are conjoined. Blake has a right arm, Francis has the left one. They have 3 awkward, albeit functional, legs: two left and one right (if I remember correctly- check the twins' birth certificates footprints). Their internal organs/operations are seperate, yet they have an unmistakable symbiotic relationship. Even the subject of their... ummmm... reproductive capabilities is cause for curiousity.

Despite Francis and Blake's obvious physical differences, they have several talents, some shared (like playing guitar) and some not (Francis is a wonderful artist). Given their independent and singular perspectives of the world in which they live, they often find themselves individually wishing to be "single". At the same time they're also terrified by the complications that being autonomous might bring.

This film stars Identical twins, Mark and Michael Polish and features newcomer Michele Hicks as a slightly eccentric prostitute with a heart of gold despite her tarnished halo. A memorable performance is given by original SNL cast member Garrett Morris, as a preacher named Jesus. The film was written by both the Polish brothers and was directed by Michael.

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