And I can't describe this sinking, twisted, faded melody.
It just keeps floating down like thunder
crashing an endless symphony.
And I want to go where snow is snow, where lovers flock like angels.
Where peaceful flowers float like clouds, where a pirate ship will parade me there.

But I'm stuck where the fog keeps drifting in across the bay.
And language keeps unfolding in a twisted sort of barrier I can't quite understand.

I miss the days of the greenest fields where haunted dungeons lure me into forgotten far off lands.
My mind is stuck in a dumb-fucked state of awe and overcome with a sadness mingled with joy.
I'm depressed but also recognize the greatness it entails, it means that something has made me as happy as I am sad.

It's terrible to lose something you never wanted to let go of in the first place.
You have to understand - such is life.

And these twisted melodies keep fading out like my voice.
From too many cigarettes the air within my lungs just gets trapped.
I am trapped.
Trapped in distant countries, off to sail the seas,
When all I want is a bed to go home to.
I float around like dumpsters, stars whirring down on me.
And nothing but the ghosts of past can quite comprehend me.

I stare at clouds and fog slowly coming in on me 'til the sky gets dark then pink then bright so I can't see.

We sat on benches in a royal park.
We had to hop some fences - somehow we made it in the dark.
We rolled in the most vibrant coloured heather next to the greenest grass.
We danced like angels turned to demons, smoked hash and fell apart.
It rained so we went to bars and sat under a bridge.
I've explored the street, climbed a ladder but then we had to part after just three days.

People come and people go but the song remains the same.
Boy meets girl and girl meets boy then they're left in the dark of each others haunted face.
With memories and fangs and bites we plunge into this world on our own.
Always on our own.

And the melodies of twisted faces, scratches on my arms and shapless thoughts of strangers and my brain begins to part just like ice.
Just like ice.

And I want to go where lovers go, where snow is sunshine floating on a mount of clouds that fell to earth...
Where a glowing midnight stands to face me, broken dreams and gutless faces, beauty in the sand.
I saw my face in the reflection of a broken mirror and couldn't argue with what I saw.

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