"My god you drink a lot of coffee."

"If I was your god you'd get me cocaine."

"Aw, why you wanna go and spoil it, bringin' that up?"

"And a key."


"So shuddup about coffee."

"You always godda remind me."

"That's so when I tell ya to get lost ya will. Jerkoff. I'll drink as much coffee as—"

"I know."

"—as I want to but I'll probably never have a chance as big as the one you—"

"You don't have to remind me."

"You're a jerkoff, y' know that?"

"Aw Murray."

"No, really, a goddamn jerkoff."


"It's easy, they says to me. All ya godda do is pick up the suitcase with the smudge on it and we'll be in business. Easy, I says, Chief, I goddit."

"But you didn't—"

"I know I didn't, goddammit! I didn't because you're a goddamn jerkoff and you pick up up the wrong suitcase. Ya got that? YOU—jerkoff—picked up the wrong package."

"I don't think we oughta be talkin' like this. Here."

"Oh ya don't?"


"Oh. Well I'm not gonna talk to you about this at all, cause you are obviously some crazy person who figures to make a quick buck and—"

"Oh Murray—"

"Don't Oh Mur—"

"Murray, you know that's not true. We go back a long time together and there's no need for you to make up things—"

"Make UP things?! That's right. I'm imagining all this."

"No…it's real."

"I know it's real! It's you who are not real."


"I can't believe a…jerkoff like you."

"Murray, I told ya—"

"I TOLD YOU, now, isn't that the thing of it? I told you, Foitch. Jerkoff."


"I told ya to pick up the suitcase with the smudge and—"

"And I did, Murray. I'm tellin' ya, I did. I'm not a jerkoff, Murray. I picked up the suitcase with the smudge."

"You picked up the suitcase with the smudge."

"I mean I made the smudge on the suitcase, Murray. I know the smudge I made like the back of your hand."


"Comere. Look. You can make it out on the table there where they're finger-printing…Gee. It's quiet in here. You suppose they can hear us?"


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