U-Haul is a company providing rental trucks, trailers, and vans. The company was started in 1945 by L.S. Shoen and his wife with only $5000 (and a little help from their family).
An identity was established. First, the trailers were painted bright orange. Secondly, the name U-Haul Co., was established. Third, trailers were imaged on the sides and back with a sales message -- "U-Haul Co.", "Rental Trailers", "$2.00 Per Day" -- always advertising themselves whether on the road or on display. Fourth, trailer rentals were merchandised from service station outlets. A commission structure for dealers was established, and much of the early recruitment was done by a customer who was offered a discount on their trailer rental for establishing a U-Haul Rental Agent at their destination.
There are currently over 14,000 U-Haul dealers in the United States alone. Making them the largest trailer rental company in the country.

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