A popular brand of premixed alcoholic beverages avaliable in Australia. Can be found in a standard 375ml softdrink can, and is usually sold in packs of four. Comes in (at least) the following flavours:

The advertising campaign campaign for these was a bunch of people wearing celebrity masks doing "ordinary" things (Bill Clinton playing tetherball with Saddam Hussein, the Queen relaxing on a deck chair, etc.) while drinking UDLs. Apparently there was some sort of weird music involved, although I can't remember it.

Having tasted the bourbon and cola, vodka and orange, and gin and tonic varieties, I've found them to be fairly nasty tasting, but okay after a few more expensive drinks. At around $12 for four cans, it's a cheap way to get drunk without having to resort to paint thinner or goon.

Stolichnaya came up with cranberry and orange flavoured ruskis a few months before the UDL cranberry/vodka type came out. Hmm...

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