Sambuca is one of Italy's most famous liqueurs, and is made from the anise plant. It has a heavily liquoricey taste, and whether or not you enjoy it is hinged on whether or not you like or can stand liquorice. Sometimes nice with coffee, and these days its available in a WIDE range of colours and styles derivative of the original which is perfectly clear and does not turn cloudy when water is added to it. A well known and pretty kewl Italian tradition says that sambuca should be served "mosca", by floating three (and only three) coffee beans on top of the liqueur and then setting it aflame. Those with less of a flare for either tradition or flamboyance will find that this liqueur can also be drunk straight, poured over ice cubes or used as an ingredient in cocktails. Generally I drink it straight, or you can light it after giving your glass a tremor-like shake for a few seconds, then blow it out (makes a very kewl blue flame) and then drop it.

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