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The United States Post Office's stamp vending vending machines are one of the oddest vending machines in the world.

Though some stamps can be bought in rather normal vending machines, like the ones you buy chips and chocolate bars from, most post offices have the weird, custom stamp vending machine. Not the old ones that only spit out stamps that come in rolls, but the ones that have an assortment of different stamp books you can buy.

These odd vending machines have these weird features:

  • Silent Radio thing on top, displaying maybe two sentences of text that could easily be printed on plastic and glued on
  • Returns change in Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins.
  • The ability to accept pennies (!)
  • usually broken

Instead of utilizing well tested conventional vending machine technologies, the USPS decided to come out with their own. Maybe that's why they lose money all the time, and raise stamp prices?

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