No, baby carrots are not prepubescent root vegetables ripped from their nursery to be ground up by molars of monsters. 

A good chunk of carrots are not straight and perfectly shaped. The problem was there were so many carrots that did not look ideal that the businesses had a lot of weird-looking carrots with not enough manufacturers buying them to chop up into tiny cubes for us to store in our freezers until they expired from freezer burn.

Some gent came up with a machine that chopped up the weirdos to make uniform little bite-sized pieces. These should be sold as "baby cut" carrots, but they usually leave off the "cut" part. The carrots are of uniform size with smooth sides from shaving them down. You can also get real baby carrots, removed when they were thinning the crops. These do look like baby carrots, warts and all.

Iron Noder 2017

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