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The USS Forrestal was the first super carrier (an aircraft carrier equipped for modern and nuclear capable aircraft). The ship was built at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Virginia and initially launched for tests on December 11, 1954. The ship was christened by the widow of it's namesake, Mrs James V. Forrestal on the day of it's commissioning - October 1, 1955.

The USS Forrestal (CVA-59) was the scene of historic destruction on July 29, 1967 when a Zuni rocket accidentally fired on deck igniting fuel and ordinance, resulting in the destruction of 21 aircraft and killing 134 men. The ship limped to the Philippines and eventually back to Norfolk, Virginia where the ship was repaired. The USS Forrestal rejoined it's fleet in 1968 and continued to serve actively. The USS Forrestal’s final deployment came to an end on December 21, 1991, and the ship was decommissioned on September 11, 1993, in Philadelphia.
Displacement: Approx. 79,300 tons full load
Flight Deck: 250,000 Sq. ft. (Nearly 4 acres)
Hanger Deck: 75,000 Sq. ft. (3 sections)
Mast Height: 131 feet
Beam :129 feet    
Length: 1076 feet 
Width: 252 feet
Draft: 31 feet
Total height - Keel to Mast top equals 25 Story building
Number of Rudders: 3
Weight of Largest Rudders: 45 tons each.
Number of Propellers: 4 (All 5 blades)
Speed: Over 30 Knots (approx. 35+ miles per hr)
Structural Steel required: 52,500 tons
Pounds of Weld Metal used: 2 million
Horsepower: 260,000 shaft hp 
Power Plant: Eight 600 psi Boilers, Four geared Steam Turbines
Crew Compliment: 3019
Air Wing Compliment: 2480
Three (3) Full Length Enclosed Decks
Nineteen  (19) Levels including the Island
Over 2,000 separate compartments
Number of Elevators (All deck edge): 4
Number of Catapults (Steam): 4
Meals served daily: 10,500
Total number of telephones: 2,300
Daily capacity of Fresh Water plant: 200,000 Gallons
Capacity of Air Conditioning: 1,050 tons
Weight of Anchors: 30 tons each
Storerooms equal to a 6 story warehouse, 1 block square

references: http://www.forrestal.org, http://www.forrestaltampa.org, www.navy.mil

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