i remember writing the lyrics to this song over and over when i was sixteen, and violently 'in love'. a penpal send them to me and they were the first song lyrics i ever truly truly liked, and even now i guess they seem okay. i don't even think i've ever heard the song, i just loved the lyrics, and i unearthed them again this evening from within the pages of old journals. the song is apparently by the band strung out, and was written in 1998 by jason cruz and jim cherry. it's from the album entitled 'twisted by design'.

ultimate devotion
One o one point one Fahrenheit
To some it's a fever
to her it's just right
and I can't hold her
and it's bringin' me down
her blood runs hot
but her heart beats cold
a devil with an angel's face I've been told

I think I'll press my luck next time your around
I'd walk through fire for you
I'd burn in hell to make it all true
I never loved anyone else in this world but you
a thousand reasons why I try to prove to you

I'm not the other guy
I don't give a damn what other people think
a flare for the strange
and a temper like a whip
a soft hand clutches a riding crop grip
smell of latex rubber-drives me insane
beat him once then send him on his way
there's no room in your life for anyone to stay

engrave your moniker in welts of pain
there's nothin I wouldn't do to prove
to make these words I promised true
I'd rather live my life alone than without you
you know I'd rather die then to fuck this up
wouldn't get another try
got one chance there's nothing I wouldn't do
you be my master I'll be your servant
on my knees I beg to be abused

You can take the skin right off my back
with a riding crop or a leather strap

I'd take it all just to be with you

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