Ultravision was a third party manufacturer of Atari 2600 games back in the early 1980s. They had big hopes, big dreams and hyped their games without end, but unfortunately their games could not live up to the hype. They announced all sorts of products that never materialized (vaporware). Even going so far as to claim that they were going to release their very own console system (which was to be named the "Ultra Vision").

But that all ended up being bollocks, all they really managed to do was to release three very bad games for the Atari 2600. Their titles were poorly distributed, and sold horribly due to total lack of quality (even the art on the boxes and cartridges was sub-standard). They were eventually bought out by a few years later, by Froggo (who was another doomed company who entered the Atari arena far too late to have a chance). Froggo rereleased all the Ultravision titles under their own name, but they weren't very successful the second time around either.

Ultravision has been completely forgotten today, except in the minds of a few completist video game collectors, who buy their games simply for the rarity factor.

Ultravision Title List

Ultravision is also a super power. Different comic books and role-playing games implement it differently. At its most boring level it is just the ability to see into the Ultraviolet spectrum (which really isn't that useful). While its most advanced interpretation was sort of like infravision, X-Ray vision and telescopic vision all rolled into one (basically the ability to see anything, anywhere, regardless of the situation).

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