As of version 3.2, the Unicode standard has 37 semantically distinct varients of the Latin letter Q. They are enumerated below, separated by code block

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 1.1 : 10
Unicode 3.2 : 27

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Uppercase          Lu : 15
Letter, Lowercase          Ll : 16
Symbol, Other              So :  4
Other, Format              Cf :  2

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode version when this character was added
  6. (The SGML entities if any)

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Basic Latin

U+0051  Q  Latin capital letter q  Lu  1.1
U+0071  q  Latin small letter q  Ll  1.1


IPA Extensions

     IPA extensions
U+02A0  ʠ  Latin small letter q with hook  Ll  1.1


Letterlike Symbols

     Letterlike symbols
U+211A    double struck capital q  Lu  1.1  (ℚ ℚ)


Enclosed Alphanumerics

     Parenthesized Latin letters
U+24AC    parenthesized Latin small letter q  So  1.1

     Circled Latin letters
U+24C6    circled Latin capital letter q  So  1.1
U+24E0    circled Latin small letter q  So  1.1


CJK Compatibility

     Squared Latin abbreviations
U+33C3    square bq  So  1.1


Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

     Fullwidth ASCII variants
U+FF31    fullwidth Latin capital letter q  Lu  1.1
U+FF51    fullwidth Latin small letter q  Ll  1.1


Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

     Bold symbols
U+1D410  𝐐  mathematical bold capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D42A  𝐪  mathematical bold small q  Ll  3.2

     Italic symbols
U+1D444  𝑄  mathematical italic capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D45E  𝑞  mathematical italic small q  Ll  3.2

     Bold italic symbols
U+1D478  𝑸  mathematical bold italic capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D492  𝒒  mathematical bold italic small q  Ll  3.2

     Script symbols
U+1D4AC  𝒬  mathematical script capital q  Lu  3.2  (𝒬)
U+1D4C6  𝓆  mathematical script small q  Ll  3.2  (𝓆)

     Bold script symbols
U+1D4E0  𝓠  mathematical bold script capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D4FA  𝓺  mathematical bold script small q  Ll  3.2

     Fraktur symbols
U+1D514  𝔔  mathematical fraktur capital q  Lu  3.2  (𝔔)
U+1D52E  𝔮  mathematical fraktur small q  Ll  3.2  (𝔮)

     Double-struck symbols
U+1D562  𝕢  mathematical double struck small q  Ll  3.2  (𝕢)

     Bold Fraktur symbols
U+1D57C  𝕼  mathematical bold fraktur capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D596  𝖖  mathematical bold fraktur small q  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif symbols
U+1D5B0  𝖰  mathematical sans serif capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D5CA  𝗊  mathematical sans serif small q  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif bold symbols
U+1D5E4  𝗤  mathematical sans serif bold capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D5FE  𝗾  mathematical sans serif bold small q  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif italic symbols
U+1D618  𝘘  mathematical sans serif italic capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D632  𝘲  mathematical sans serif italic small q  Ll  3.2

     Sans-serif bold italic symbols
U+1D64C  𝙌  mathematical sans serif bold italic capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D666  𝙦  mathematical sans serif bold italic small q  Ll  3.2

     Monospace symbols
U+1D680  𝚀  mathematical monospace capital q  Lu  3.2
U+1D69A  𝚚  mathematical monospace small q  Ll  3.2



     Tag components
U+E0051  󠁑  tag Latin capital letter q  Cf  3.2
U+E0071  󠁱  tag Latin small letter q  Cf  3.2

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