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The University of Texas - Pan American is a university in Edinburg, Texas. Previously, the university was named Pan American University, changing its name in 1989 after merging with the University of Texas System.

The university traces its roots to the 1920s, when it was established as a teacher's college. Interstingly, UT-Pan American has one of the highest minority enrollments in the nation. Yearly, upwards of 70% of the students are Mexican-Americans. This should come as no surprise when one considers that Edinburg, Texas is located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, which has a Mexican-American population of approximately 80%.

The University of Texas Pan-American is located a few blocks west of downtown Edinburg, Texas.
It's address: 1201 University Drive
size: 186 acres
replacement value:$130 million

It is the campus choice of a lot of students. It is approximately 20 minutes from the U.S./Mexico border, and is located 75 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and the resort area of South Padre Island.
South Texas is distinctly bicultural, and many people speak both English and Spanish. The majority of the population are of Mexican descent.(85 percent in '90)

Short History
It was founded in 1927 as Edinburg College, a two-year community college governed by the Edinburg School District. After six name changes, the university took its place on September 1, 1989, as a member of The University of Texas System.

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