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although morning may come with
various perils and pieces of last night still
attached, it's here because it wants you
to know that it's quite alright to try again,
and you don't have to feel sorry for
the things you meant not to say yesterday.

every night is a conclusion and one
that we're not always happy with, and
maybe sleep comes as a savior, or maybe
we battle it off into the light but finally
concede. no matter what, it's a
conclusion offering us an opportunity
to yield and reflect and choose which
pieces we want to hold on to.

the words you said were not alright with
him and the things you did made her
cry. and as you fell through the sponge of
evening unconsciousness last night
you couldnt see what you did that was
so very wrong, and knew only that you
didnt belong here, that you dont understand
how to make it work, and that you dread
the idea of it being light outside
and having to do it all again.

and though we very well may be different
people during the day when our demons and
monsters and skeletons wont show for fear
of overexposure, we can re-evaluate,
reconcile, and today is a new opportunity to
try to make tonight come off correctly.

i am not a large advocate for daytime life
and dread most mornings like most of you --
i feel much more comfortable in the
raw emotion of evening when my face need
not be calm and tranquil and my fingers not always
in tender hands outstretched -- but waking up this
morning to imagine that it is another shot at
tonight makes the troubles and trials of the
early morning sunlight and the hours to come
an almost acceptable means to an end.

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