Him is an effeminate satanic villain in the Powerpuff Girls who made his most notable appearances in Speed Demon and Octi Evil. He has a treasured rubber ducky known as Mr. Quackers. Him speaks in two voices, one light and fluttery (feminine side), or dark, deep, and intimidating (masculine side).

He is also much more powerful than he lets on. Him features in psychological torture rather than simply trying to destroy the girls outright -- which is certainly within His power. Him can make the adoring citizens of Townsville grow to hate the girls, or even animate a stuffed octopus.

His form is strange. He has vivid green eyes, and a black goatee. His only apparel is a pink fluffy skirt, and black, heeled boots. Instead of hands, He has crablike pincers and His skin is bright red. He feels that His greatest enemies are the innocent, adorable Powerpuff Girls, epitomes of everything sweet and nice.

Him (?), pron.

Them. See Hem.




© Webster 1913.

Him, pron. [AS. him, dat. of h&emac;. &root;183. See He.]

The objective case of he. See He.

Him that is weak in the faith receive. Rom. xiv. 1.

Friends who have given him the most sympathy. Thackeray.

⇒ In old English his and him were respectively the genitive and dative forms of it as well as of he. This use is now obsolete. Poetically, him is sometimes used with the reflexive sense of himself.

I never saw but Humphrey, duke of Gloster, Did bear him like a noble gentleman. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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