It's true, you know. That's why she was so afraid to look into his.

She didn't want to know his secrets.

Or maybe, it's that she didn't want him to know hers.

She had secrets.

Many, many secrets. Some are good. Some bad. Some she wished she never knew. Some are older than time. And if she glanced in his direction, if she caved and looked into eyes that had a way of making time stop, she ran the risk of telling him her biggest secret.

She daren't let him know about it.

You see, it involved him. And her. And them. And if he knew, it could destroy the fragile structure they have created around each other.

If he knew, it could change everything.

Change scares her, more than secrets do. And if her secrets spilled from her eyes into his, the change could be great.

Want to know what the secret was? It's in her eyes.

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