with your waiting eyes,
that hold me steady and out of breath,
inviting me into their vastness.
and your patient way,
as though my darkest secrets,
were yours all along.
or your unassuming touch,
that seals my wounds at one point,
and yet opens me up at another.
did one of the Oneiroi whisper these things to you,
to make you so aware, of one so undeserving as i?
what dream did you rise on, old friend, to know my soul the way you do?



Two flights

24 steps 


Do you count them?

Each and every step 

to/from your apartment 

up/down to the lobby of your building


some well lit and easily skipped

others dark and hazardous 


still,  I have made my way here

we have found our way here


When did you know?

When were you aware it was worth the steps?

When did you sense I was worth the wait? 






           "  ... and what dream did you rise on to know my soul the way you do?  

How does the silence creep up around us so full?"


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