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The church camps I used to go to had an "Up in flames" award that was given out every night.

You see, my church would play wacky games like MegaBox, or Capture the Flag (with modified rules where you would have to pin a counciler to the ground to take him to prison, and the councilers literally tied high school kids up and dragged them back to their prison. You can bet we fought back). Eventually, some kid got hurt trying to help his team get points or by doing something stupid.

The weird thing is, my church encourages this. Every night, whoever got hurt the worst by trying to help their team get points, would get the "Up in flames" award and extra points for their team. Oh yeah, and a prize too!

Bloody nose? No problem, extra points! Unless someone broke their finger, then they'd get the glory and the points for their team. Manage to break your neck and had to get airlifted to a hospital? Well, your team will really love you! That's MEGA points!

Actually, I haven't seen anyone get airlifted yet, but there have been broken fingers, broken legs, and otherwise bruised up and unconscious people. Anyway, it's a blast!

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