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I used to go to Grace Community Church, pastored by John McArthur. This place is pretty big, it's bigger than some community colleges I've been to. The main sanctuary can hold 7500 people in it, and it's used three times every Sunday. People from all over Los Angeles go to this church.

I also used to be in high school. With over 10,000 people coming to worship God every Sunday, you can bet there would be a number of high school kids there to. Our particular high school group had a few hundred kids in it.

Grace Community Church is build on the Bible. Everything must come from or be supported by The Word or else it's just not truth. Correct doctrine based on The Word is what they taught.

The high school group also taught doctrine. It was serious every Sunday morning, with teaching from the Bible, but it was also run by a bunch of crazys who do crazy stuff when it wasn't Sunday morning. They were devoted christians yes, but they were crazy devoted christians.

Case in point. Every summer, the high school group would hold a summer camp where a few hundred kids would spend an entire week with other christians doing nothing but getting taught God's Will, eating, sleeping, and playing insane games.

The biggest game we would play is MegaBox. The entire week's other games were childplay. MegaBox would be hyped thoughout the entire week as the ultimate showdown between the different teams.

On the day of the event, everyone would march up to the playing field, and line up in their teams. Councilors had placed down an square enourmous tarp the size of a baseball diamond. The tarp was covered in a slippery gel and watered down to make it some sort of huge square Slip 'n Slide. Surrounding it would be 10-15 refridgerator boxes, depending on how many teams there were. Each team had 15 minutes to decorate their box with spray paint so they can work on their graphitti skills (for Jet Grind Radio, of course), as well as to intimidate the opposition with your 1337 spray designs. Then each team picked 6 crazys to run a sort of race. 3 people on each team would line up on opposite sides of the tarp.

With everyone set, the ref would stand off to the side, and blow the horn. Immediately, the first runner on each team would get his/her team's refridgerator box over his/her head, and take off in the direction of his/her teammates on the other side.

With all the video cameras running, 10-15 refridgerator boxes with feet sticking out the bottom would rush towards the center before smashing into each other at high speeds. Dazed, they continued on until they reached the other side, where they could tag their teammate, and the next runner would don the refridgerator box and dash back.

Think that's wierd? But wait! There's more! Councilers would be in the middle of the chaos, pushing boxes over, clothes lining them, or changing their path of travel so that they would colide with other boxes.

Whichever team got all 6 people across successfully and the least amound of time won and got the most points. Then it was time to get another 6 people, and do it all over again.

At the end of the night, everyone would get in a big room, and watch the edited videos to see the carnage (vidios with whatever christian rock band music blasting out the speakers). Then the Up in flames awards would be handed out. Miraculously (God must be watching or something) I think the most serious injury the church has ever had was a broken finger or maybe a concussion.

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