Spray Paint And You!

Hello, and welcome to Spray Paint, the node where you get to learn all you could ever want to know about all of the different kinds of spray paint that we could get our hands on! The good, the bad, yes, even the ugly, it's all here, in one writeup! Tonight only, ladies and gentlemen!

What it is:

  • Spray paint is enamel or latex paint, suspended in an aerosol propellant and pressurized inside a can.
  • There's a valve system at the top of the can, with a tip which controls the flow of paint, and little metal or glass balls rattling around inside to mix it up.
  • You can paint your model airplane with it, or
  • touch up your old exhaust manifolds with some high-heat automotive paint, or

...or reclaim forgotten, neglected infrastructure in the name of Art, Truth and Beauty...

So check out the reviews! Thus far, we have:

American Accents
Living Color
Martha Stewart's Everyday Colors
Painter's Touch

* Not recommended

If you're familiar with brands not listed here, especially non-US ones like Belton or Montana, write it up, including a color list if possible, and /msg me.

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