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If I were Martha Stewart, I would hang my head down in shame for putting my name on this product. Without a doubt, this is the single worst brand of spray paint I have ever used in my colorful past. Some brands of paint are watery...that's okay, they only cost 89c a can. Some brands don't accept replacement tips...that's okay, because you can still cover a surface with them. Martha Stewart paint has none of these redeeming qualities.

I bought three cans of Martha Stewart paint (on clearance to $1.99 from $3.79, at Sears) because of the nice-looking colors...a nice Sage, a "Clover Green" shade, and a can of Chamois. Plus, the cans hefted pretty well, containing 13 oz (?) of paint apiece, and seemed pretty thick when I gave them a little shake...perhaps too thick, as events were to prove.

Every single one of the cans clogged up on me after five minutes, when I was about one-quarter of the way through each can. This is completely unacceptable. Under normal conditions, the only way a can will clog is if the rubber seal around the tip is broken, jammed, or otherwise molested; if the valve is not cleared properly after use, and left to sit; or, if it's raining hard and water gets into the valve system. The aerosol-propelled latex paint in the Martha Stewart cans is much thicker than the enamel paint to be found in Krylon, Rustoleum and the like. Proprietary, restrictive tips don't help matters - and when regular stock tips were fitted to the cans, they refused to give up any paint whatsoever.

I was eventually forced to fill-in the rest of the piece with the weak, hazy spray from the sputtering Martha Stewart cans, since everything else was gone already. Every minute was pure hell.

The first search result from Google for "martha stewart spray paint" was actually a consumer complaints forum entry. Don't make the same mistake I did...don't buy Martha Stewart.

Oh muted I wish I had read this node last week - it would have saved me so much time and heartache.

It was last Friday, my husband was home with the kids and I was out with my crew for a night of bombing in the SFV. We had racked a bunch of the Martha Stewart Everyday Spray Paint, were blasting the hip hop and were scratch bombing bus benches on the way to Woodman and Ventura. Roberta (Zachary's mom) had her 9 mike in case we caught any disrespect from the locals and we had Sheila (Johnathan's mom) drive the g ride (because its a Honda Odyssey so we can all fit).

So we were right in the middle of throwing up this piece on the side of Guitar Center when my can of Martha jams on me! I shake, nothing...shake, nothing! My homegirls are giving me the red eye and I knew I better do something or they would think I was perpetrating!

I am down for mine but yo I had to look out for #1 so I decided to loc out. I yelled "pull!" and threw the can as high as I could into the air - quck as lightning I pulled my rambo gauge and shot the can - it exploded like a grenade and suddenly the entire parking lot was a gorgeous color of peapod!

Straight up, the girls laughed so hard as we punked back to the Odyssey - Phyllis (Kayla's mom) actually peed her pants! I was still upset though - If that Martha Stewart Everyday Spray Paint hadn't jammed, the side of Guitar Center would say "Did you do your chores today?". Dayumn.

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