Material information about a company that is not known to the general public, given from one investor to another. Also called inside information. Making trades based on these is the illegal practice of insider trading.

Stock tips are the standard nozzles which come with a can of spray paint. They produce a medium flow of paint, with a tendency to cause overspray. In graffiti art, stock tips are useful for blending and fading colors and initial outlining (layout), and are not suited for detail work. It is possible to paint a whole graffiti piece with nothing but stock tips, however, and many people bomb strictly with stock tips.

Stock tips are generally either black or red in color. Any can of spray paint which accepts male tips can use a stock tip, so they're handy to keep around in a pinch. Rustoleum often uses a differently shaped large stock tip, similar in appearance to a German cap. These tips are interchangeable with the smaller type.

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