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bomb-ing, n.

bomb, v. + -ing, suffix

"The bombing of Beirut continues unabated."

"Tonight we went bombing all through Echo Park."


1. (Macro) The effacing of a target area out of the desire for change.

2. (Thanatos) The dropping of explosive devices on a target area with the intent of destroying the target. Examples include:

  • London in 1940
  • Dresden in 1945
  • Al-Shifa (Khartoum North, Sudan) in 1998
  • New York City in 2001
  • 3. (Eros) The dropping of graffiti images on a target area, often using stencils & spray paint, prepared images & wheat paste, or stickers.


    The Eros definition evolved from the original Thanatos definition, which then gave rise to the synthesis of the Macro definition. This cooping of a destructive term by artists is thought to have originated in late 1970s New York as a way to express both the similarities and differences between illegal image saturation and legal violent destruction. There is an irony at play. It is the irony of color, beauty, and creation being illegal and persecuted while mass murder, hatred, and destruction are often sanctioned and rewarded. The Eros definition is, so to speak, a serious joke.


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