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Title of a poem written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in The Brothers Karamazov.

Oh, this little foot so fair, Swollen just a little, there! Doctors call on it with cures, Bandage it and make it worse.

'Tis not feet, though, make me pine-- Poet Pushkin sing their praise: For the head I grieve and pine, And it cannot grasp ideas.

It had grasped a little bit, But fair foot got in the way! Let the foot be healed and fit, So that comprehend head may!

This deliberately horrible piece serves two purposes:

  1. It parodies a parody by D. D. Minayev of Pushkin's poem, "Sumptuous city, city poor". This was Dostoyevsky's way of taking a jab at literary critics.
  2. It shows the lack of intelligence of the character Rakitin. Here he is equated with the "poet-accuser" Minayev and other untalented "intellectuals" of the 19th Century.
From David McDuff's translation.

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