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Urban Chaos is an action game released by Eidos in which you start as a UCPD(Union City Police Department) officer, named D'Arci Stern. Later in the game, you play occasionally as Roper, who is a large man, built like a mother fucker. You fight various gangs, including the Wildcats, and along the way, gain skill bonuses for skills such as speed, strength, dexterity, etc.

The Cheats For The Game Are As Follows
(Note: Press F9 to activate the console, and enter "BANGUNSNOTGAMES" to activate cheat codes.)
Play as Officer D'arci --- darci
Play as Roper --- roper
Level completed --- win
Level lost --- lose
Set fog fade level --- fade enter #
Toggle crinkles --- crinkles
Advance to indicated game point --- telw enter #
Save a waypoint on map --- tels
Return to saved waypoint --- telr
Explosion cluster --- boo
Fluorescent green graphics --- cctv
Music select --- world

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