UserTalk is a scripting language descendant from Algol 60 and is built in to Userland Frontier™ and Radio Userland™.

Almost universally loved by it's users, it has never become popular as a language because it is inseparable from Frontier. The language itself is something of a nightmare, but it's shortcomings are more than made up for by the programming environment it lives in, which offers an excellent debugger, outline based programming, and sits atop a persistent object database.

A few of UserTalk's annoying bits are:

Despite all this (and so much, much more) UserTalk remains frustratingly easy to use. It's code is very easy to read, residing in collapsible outlines that make navigating large bodies of UserTalk a walk in the park. Visually, it looks a lot like Python, since the braces and semicolons are hidden by the outline.

msg("UserTalk, you'll love to hate it");

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