the Seven of Spades
(from the grass crawls a ladybug)
tucked beneath a plain white bowl
in which clinks a few metal cubes
black stain brushed on and washed away
shadows suddenly stand in relief
colored cubes connected symmetrical
packed in tight to the pockets
rotate, swap, shift. draw a card
build a stack into the clouds
geometric, the King of Diamonds
presiding over the blueblack bell
and hundreds of thousands of clay figurines
marching cubes sigh in relief
at a seat, a throne, a wheel, an angel
all eyes and feathers, up from the pages
in clicking permutations stepping
red hot coils crack exploding
fire glazing ashes crumbling
colors blend and mix like flux lines
matrix field to infinity. draw a card
border symbology tesselation
branch and subtract if terminal
bowls sliding tipping spilling
mirrored and enameled cuboids
pottery skipping on the wheels
like ring turbulence around the farmer god
the Jack of Hearts on the throne
o god, the jack of hearts

ever reaching into the sky
towers of salt and moisture
many toppled, many glazed stalagmites
some swirling with activity
gray gleaming towers
gridded to the horizon

Shuffle, replace, or draw a card.

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