Back in Grade 2, I remember having to research and then present our projects on Canadian capital cities. We were all nervous about sharing our findings with one another. Natalie Adams was at the top of the list so she would go first and I had the first rush of thanks in my lifetime that my last name starts with an S.

Natalie had chosen Regina to study and she unfolded a large posterboard on her desk at the front of the class. On it she'd glued photocopied encyclopedia pictures and photos of a small city among fields of wheat, flat farmland and incredible sunsets for us to see.

Across the top of her project, she had written with a thick nibbed magic marker VAGINA, SASKATCHEWAN.

I remember reading it and I became embarassed immediately. She spoke about the city's population, some of the industries and the characteristics of the city and every time she meant to call the city by its proper name, she said vagina.

I was not alone in my feelings of embarassment, as the teacher eventually stopped Natalie in her presentation. She corrected her and urged her to go on and we snickered in relief, but Natalie's posterboard was the only one that did not go up on our class' bulletin board.

I wonder how my teacher felt when she mentioned that Saskatchewan's population is mainly concentrated in Vagina...

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