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Valiant is a South African legend. He sings a folk rock blend in Afrikaans with large doses of humour and irony thrown in, in typical boere style. His moniker in SA is: Die Mystic Boer, meaning, quite simply The Mystical Farmer. I don't know if Valiant is his real name, I suspect it has something to do with those groovy big ass cars by the same name.

He has released 6 albums so far and has done some international gigs in London.


  • Mystic Boer (Mystical Farmer)
  • Dorpstraat Revisited (Dorp Street Revisited)
  • Kopskoot (Headshot)
  • Roekeloos (Reckless)
  • Deur die Donker Vallei (Through the Valley of Darkness)
  • Voetstoots (As is - This one is difficult to explain in English, but it refers to when one is selling something in the condition it is in, meaning the buyer takes it as it is)

    Random lyric sample:
    Buitenkant, from Die Mystic Boer

    "die wit kinders dans met die die Rastas vanaand
    hoor hoe sing daai boer van Babylon
    hey hey Vrydagaand met 'n bottel in die hand

    "The white kids dance with the Rastas tonight
    Listen to that farmer from Babylon singing
    Hey Hey Friday night with a bottle in your hand
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