Stylish dark fantasy set in modern day Japan, Vampire Princess Miyu is story of Miyu, a girl with a mysterious past, and Himiko, a spiritualist investigating recent attacks by demons known as Shinma. Over the period of four OAVs, both of their secrets are slowly revealed. Released by Animeigo. Highly recommended.

(Japanese: Kyuuketsuki Miyu)

Dark anime series, 4 episodes, telling the story of the vampire Miyu and the spiritualist Himiko. A lesser character is the enslaved Shinma Larva, who acts as a servant and protector to Miyu.

The kanji for the title may be read "Kyuuketsuki Miyu" or "Kyuuketsuhime Miyu". The former means "Bloodsucking Spirit Miyu" and the latter means "Bloodsucking Princess Miyu". (kyuuketsuki is the word for "vampire" used in the dialogue.)

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