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There's More To The Legend Than Meets... The Throat!

Written by Frank Ray Perilli and directed by Albert Band, Dracula's Dog (released as Zoltan, Hound of Dracula in the United Kingdom) is one of the dozens of vampire B-movies riding on the coattails of Dracula's fame that only remotely involves Dracula (Brides of Dracula is another that immediately comes to mind).

Released in 1978, three years before Stephen King's Cujo was published, Dracula's Dog was bad in a way that only a movie about vampire dogs can be bad. Synopsis:

After Russian soldiers remove a stake from a grave in Romania, Dracula's Dog and a servant of Dracula, Veidt-Smit, are released. These two travel to Los Angeles, America to find Dracula's last living descendent.
Cast (in order listed in credits):

Michael Pataki
Reggie Nalder
José Ferrer
Jan Shutan
Libby Chase
John Levin
Simmy Bow
JoJo D'Amore
Arlene Martel
Cleo Harrington
Roger Pancake
Tom Gerrard
Bob Miller
Gordon McGill
Lou Schumacher
Carl Morrison II
Dimitri Logothetis
Joan Leone
Al Ferrara
Katherine Fitzpatrick
John Kirby
Roger Schumacher


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