an indie band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Travis are:

They've released three albums so far, and are have just about managed to make it big in North America - particularly with the success of Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Albums:

Fran Healy led this band from being a faint blip on the pop culture radar to a band that defined the sound heard throughout England in 1999. Initially an opening band for former giants Oasis, they quickly stole the throne to become Britain's band. Their first single from The Man Who, "Writing To Reach You" even aped the chords to Oasis' biggest hit and asked "What's a Wonderwall anyway?". The band ushered something of a return for light guitar pop that paved the way for bands like Coldplay. It was not, however, their originality that brought them to the front page, as they have been called Radiohead Lite ( their producer of late, Nigel Godrich, is also Radiohead's) and Oasis for grown-ups.

While their first album, Good Feeling was lively rock with Na Na Nas and distortion pedals, The Man Who was a collection of melodic songs about love, fear, and uncertainty. Their 2001 follow-up, The Invisible Band, continues along the same road with slightly more cheerful songs, due probably to Fran Healy's relationship with German girlfriend Nora. Their sound has matured as well, and The Invisible Band has firmly established Travis' place in British music.

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