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Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a community college in (hoho! you guessed it) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, serving 27000 students annually. VCC's three campuses are the City Centre Campus, King Edward Campus, and International Education Centre, but there are also classes held on Commercial Drive, in The Architecture Centre on Cambie Street, at the Broadway Youth Resource Centre, and at the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.

The President of VCC is Dale Dorn.

VCC has been in existence since 1965, and presently offers more than 60 programs in developmental education, adult basic education, English language programs, special education, and programs in vocational, career, technical, academic and continuing education. A particular focus of the programs is in technology, trades, hospitality, tourism, and health professions. VCC is also British Columbia's largest provider of post-secondary adult basic education.

The college promotes practical work in many of its programs, and as such requires practicums with on-campus or local businesses. VCC has a high rate of student employment upon graduation, due in large part to this policy.

To provide an idea of the range of programs at VCC, one could take:
ASL and Deaf Studies
Administrative Assistant
Caring for Persons with Dementia
Diesel Technician
Jewellery Art and Design
Meat Cutting Apprentice

Vancouver Community College
1155 East Broadway,
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 4V5
Phone: 604-871-7000
Email: info@vcc.ca

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