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Welcome back Rush!

Canada's premier power trio returns after a five year hiatus with Vapor Trails. It was released today, May 14 2002.

Track List: One Little Victory
Ceiling Unlimited
Ghost Rider
Peaceable Kingdom
The Stars Look Down
How It Is
Vapor Trail
Secret Touch
Sweet Miracle
Freeze (Part IV of "Fear") *see below
Out of the Cradle

Rush's follow up to 1996's Test For Echo is a rocking return to form for one of the best band's produced by Canada.
The first single One Little Victory is a logical one. It leads off the album and shows that Rush hasn't aged since the last time.
A Brief Review:
This album rocks. It is a great leap ahead of the weak Test For Echo, which, while having an excellent lead and title track, was kind of blah. This album starts strong and carries that momentum through out. I was really surprised at how powerful some of the tracks are. The lyrical ability of Neil Peart is just as good as it was in the Moving Pictures days and the instrumentals of Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee are phenomenal. The production quality shows Lee's experience from his own solo effort. Overall, a solid return album.

The most surprising thing, for me at least, as a Rush fan, is the return to the Fear series. Beginning with Witch Hunt, which was part III of the series on Moving Pictures, it continued onto Signals (arguably their best work) with The Weapon and it seemed to finish with Grace Under Pressure's The Enemy Within, the Fear series worked on many levels. This fourth part continues the tradition started on Moving Pictures and kicks it into a higher gear. Of all the tracks, this is the most "old school" on the album.

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